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Become A Donor

Your decision to donate ocular tissue is a personal decision that is respected. If the decision to donate is made, it is EXTREMELY important to notify your family about your decision. Your family must grant Southern Eye Bank permission to recover ocular tissue at the time of death.

If you wish to have donor cards sent to you, please contact our development department at 504-891-3937.

Signing the Louisiana State Donor Registry is another way of expressing your wish to donate. When you renew your driver’s license or register to vote, please let the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) know that you wish to be registered in the Louisiana Donor Registry database registry. It should only take a minute or two to complete the necessary paperwork.

Louisiana Driver’s Licenses display a red heart on the front of the card identifying you as a donor. If you wish to register yet choose to not display the heart on your driver’s license, you may do so. If you wish to register online, simply click this link to REGISTER.

Please note that if you are a registered donor and have a red registry heart on your driver’s license, Southern Eye Bank representatives will contact the potential donor’s Next-of-Kin or Designated Tutor at the time of death and discuss the option of donation.

Regardless of your decision to donate or not to donate, choose to have a family discussion about the possibility of donation.